Staff List

Staff and Faculty List

 Name Department email
 Altizer, Daniel 6th Grade, Science
 Azargoshasb, Zohreh Instructional Assistant
 Ayers, Peggy 6th Grade, English
 Baldwin, Sandra 7th Grade, Math
 Barkalow, Viola Cafeteria Staff
 Bentley, Brad Head Custodian
 Bingley, Susanna 8th Grade, Math
 Bond, Erin 8th Grade, Science
 Bonds, Jennifer 7th Grade, Social Studies
 Bradley, Bridgette
Resource Teacher
 Bridges, Read 6th Grade, Science
 Byrd, David Assistant Principal
 Chavira, Richard Resource Teacher
 Chittum, Shirl 6th Grade, English
 Collis, Kelly Cafeteria Staff
 Conaway, Katie Guidance Counselor
 Cox, Rupert 8th Grade, Math
 Crockett, Barbara 7th Grade, Social Studies
 Dalton, Pamela CTE, Keyboarding
 Devenport, Anne Foreign Language, French
 DiSalvo, Susan 6th Grade, Math
 Dishon, Carol Admin Ass't, Bookkeeper
 Distler, Gretchen 6th Grade, English
 East, Jennifer Cafeteria Staff  
 Eyre, Sarah CTE, Agriscience and Floriculture
 Ferguson, Hollie 8th Grade, Science
 Flack, Kristi 6th Grade, Adv Math and Soc Studies
 Fleet, Karen Admin Ass't, Attendance
 Fox, Carol 7th Grade, English and Soc Studies
 Freeman, Mark 6th Grade, Science and Math
 Gearheart, Peggy Custodial Staff
 Goforth, Tracy 6th Grade, Social Studies
 Gore, Rhonda Cafeteria Manager 
 Grant, Mary Jane Instructional Assistant
 Gorzycki, Greg Resource Teacher
 Hale, Marti Gifted Resource
 Haynie, Mark School Resource Officer
 Heilig, Chris Instructional Assistant
 Helton, Ginny School Nurse
 Himes, Heather Reading
 Hinson, Linda Fine Arts, Art
 Hoffman, Reba 8th Grade, Science and Math
 Honeycutt, Bo Assistant Principal
 Hubbard, Emily Fine Arts, Art
 Hunter, Mitchell Custodial Staff 
 Johnson, Doug Custodial Staff 
 Jones, Karen 6th Grade, Math
 Kass, Susan 8th Grade, English
 Kenley, Etta Cafeteria Staff 
 Lester, Misty 7th Grade, English
 Litton, Kirk Phys. Ed., Athletic Director
 Mathena, Janyne Phys. Ed.
 Mathers, John Custodial Staff
 McCall, Jamie Algebra and Geometry
 McGuigan, Mickey 7th Grade, Science
 Minnich, Katie Resource Teacher, READ 180
 Mykerezi, Shpresa Gifted Resource
 Neal, Julie Music Therapy
 Nelson, Candice 8th Grade, Civics
 Norris, Rose 7th Grade, Science
 Parker, Michele Guidance Counselor
 Parker, Stephanie CTE, Tech Ed
 Passek, Kelly Librarian
 Pearman, Darrell Fine Arts, Band
 Price, Kay Cafeteria Staff 
 Quesenberry, Kevin 8th Grade, English and Civics
 Ray, Bill Fine Arts, Band
 Reed, Daniel Resource Teacher
 Reyna, Sheila Foreign Language, Spanish
 Robertson, Deanna  Resource Teacher
 Rossi, Belinda 6th Grade, Social Studies
 Sanderson, Carrie 7th Grade, Science and Math
 Sargent, Fran Instructional Assistant
 Semanic, Susan School Psychologist
 Scott, Rachel 8th Grade, Civics
 Shartzer, Scott Custodial Staff
 Sim, Sandra 8th Grade, English
 Swisher, Robert Instructional Assistant 
 Tidaback, Kate Fine Arts, Chorus
 Trujillo, Michael Instructional Assistant, Drama Club
 Vance, Jane Instructional Assistant
 Van Dyke, Debbie Administrative Assistant
 Veit, Tammy Spec Ed Consulting Teacher
 Verdu, Suzanne ESL
 Vernon, Teri Resource Teacher
 Waldron, Lisa Instructional Assistant 
 Walls, Lori Administrative Ass't, Guidance
 Watkins, Corey 7th Grade, Math
 Weidner, Amanda Principal
 Witt, Doug Building Engineer 
 Woods, Debbie 7th Grade, English
 Worley, Lee Fine Arts, Art
 Wright, Kathy Phys Ed, Volleyball Coach